Treating Psychosis with EMDR (2 Hours)




2 APA and 2 EMDRIA credits provided upon completion of course, quiz and evaluation

Course content will be available to all participants after the course for 1 year after purchase.

This course will be presented by Liz Zhang, EMDRIA certified therapist who has extensive experience in using Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) with children presenting with complex symptoms. Through her personal and professional experiences, she aims to provide a better understanding of using EMDR to treat trauma related psychosis. The course will begin by discussing the basics of EMDR therapy and how it works. Liz will then delve into a case example of using this therapy to treat trauma related psychosis with a child, sharing real-world examples of the benefits and challenges of this treatment approach.  Participants will also learn about the best practices for using EMDR therapy to treat psychosis, including how to identify when this therapy is appropriate, how to prepare patients for the treatment, and how to structure the therapy sessions for optimal results.

Overall, this course is a must-attend for mental health professionals who are looking to expand their knowledge and skills in treating psychosis with EMDR therapy.

Instructor: Jing Zhang, LMSW, MHSA


  1. Describe what psychosis is and identify psychotic symptoms in adolescents & young adults
  2. Apply EMDR and EMDR AIP model to conceptualize client’s psychotic symptoms as adaptations to their circumstances
  3. Assess safety considerations when working with clients who are experiencing psychotic symptoms
  4. List three resources that clinicians can use when working with clients who are experiencing psychotic symptoms

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Conflict of Interest: There are no known conflicts of interests for this workshop

Course Content Level: Intermediate

Target Audience (only applicable to CEs): Psychologists, Social Workers MFTs, graduate level counselors, Psychotherapists

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