EMDR Advanced Certification Package




Our Advanced Certification Package is intended for those who have completed a Basic Training program in EMDR and would like to pursue certification in EMDR.  We teach the SAFE EMDR concepts in addition to the traditional EMDR procedures and concepts.  If you did not take the SAFE EMDR basic training we advise that you complete the 12 hour course prior to beginning your consultation process.

Our Advanced Certification Package meets the Consultation and the Continuing Education requirements set by EMDRIA. You may review other requirements for Certification on their website.

Our advanced certification package is very comprehensive and our standards are higher than most others.  Please do not sign up for this course if you are looking for a program in which you just talk about cases.  You will be demonstrating all phases of the EMDR model and getting very specific, behavioral feedback.

Participants will be assigned to a PTI approved consultant for the completion of the certification.  All consultants meet the requirements for EMDRIA standards.

Included in The Advanced Certification Package with PTI:

20 Hours of Consultation by an EMDRIA Approved Consultant in groups of 2 consultees with 1 Approved Consultant

10 hours individual consultation (while you are presenting)
10 hours group consultation (while your partner is presenting)

  • Consultations are held online through Zoom, a video conferencing host
  • The group time and dates are determined by the consultant and the 1 consulates.
  • The group generally meets for 2 hours a month.
  • Consultations are generally conducted over a period of 10 months

12 hours of EMDRIA Credits for Continuing Education in EMDR


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