Our EMDRIA-Approved Training Programs

EMDR Basic Training

Basic Training Events

EMDR 6-Day Basic Training with Personal Transformation Institute, meets and exceeds the EMDRIA requirements. The complete training includes 10 hours of consultation and provides training portal access to educational materials for one year.

Virtual 6-day Basic Training & In-Person 6-day Basic Training

Attend the 6-day training as a Refresher or Renew Your Training Portal Access

For people who have already completed the EMDRIA Approved EMDR 6-Day Basic Training and would like to attend another one of our trainings as a refresher. It includes 6 days of training and 10 consultation hours. We also offer a training portal renewal to extend access past the one-year expiration. Contact us directly for refresher or renewal information.

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Advanced EMDR Training

Important: All Advanced Training programs require that you first complete an EMDR Basic Training.

Advanced Certification Packages

These packages will meet the Consultation and Advanced Training requirements of the EMDRIA.

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FREE Monthly and Other Live Webinars

We routinely offer both free and paid live trainings and webinars for advancing your EMDR training.

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Continuing Education (CE) On-Demand and Live Training Courses

Important: All On-Demand courses require that you first complete an EMDR Basic Training.

We offer a robust library of virtual EMDR Continuing Education (CE) courses, as well as live CE courses, indicated on the course listing and description. Each CE course from PTI meets and exceeds the training requirements set by EMDRIA, NBCC and the APA. All CE purchases include access to the course and the didactic adjunct materials for one year after purchase.  PTI CE courses are available for Specialty EMDR and Modality EMDR focused topics.  Here is a sample of CE courses available:

The Body Becomes the Weapon: Treating Trauma Related Eating Disorders 

This 6-hour online webinar will address applying the 8 phases of EMDR to clients with eating disorder symptoms.

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Deciphering Dissociation: Understanding and Screening for Dissociation

Understanding and screening for dissociation is a vital part of the 8 phase EMDR process that has become even more important in the recent shift to teletherapy

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Targeting the Attachment Wounds

In this 2 hour webinar, Tyler Orr will teach an attachment-focused approach of finding targets to process using EMDR therapy.  

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S.A.F.E. EMDR for Chronic Pain and Illnesss

As EMDR therapists, we see things like panic attacks, depression, and intrusive thoughts as symptoms—not the problem. The same is true for most chronic pain and illness.

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Simplifying Complex Cases: A Body and Attachment approach to complex cases

This 6 hour virtual training focuses on how to successfully navigate working with complex cases. We discuss how to conceptualize complex presentations and how to understand complex trauma.

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The Many Layers of EMDR

This 12 hour virtual distance learning program addresses using EMDR with an attachment and body focus. This workshop shows how developmental attachment trauma is different than the treatment of PTSD trauma.

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Working with Children with EMDR

This is a 3 hour EMDRIA approved virtual distance learning workshop. An attachment and body focus will be applied to using the EMDR approach with children.

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Working with Couples with EMDR

This 3 hour EMDRIA approved virtual distance learning program. An attachment and body focus will be applied to using the EMDR approach with couples.

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CE Subscription Library

Pathways CE Subscription Library

Receive a monthly invitation to our Pathways EMDR live CE video series with coordinating CE quizzes and continuing education credit.  In addition, every subscription provides access to an on-demand digital library of over a dozen web video CE courses, 1 hour long, led by PTI founder and S.A.F.E. innovator Deb Kennard. Select from an existing library of 16 accredited web-video courses and take advantage of ongoing invitations to each new LIVE web course and CE quiz, added monthly.

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