The Online EMDR Community: PTI Connect

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PTI Connect Offers an Unparalleled Peer and Facilitator Network

As a part of our holistic approach, our 6-Day EMDR Basic Training includes a unique opportunity to collaborate with peers, EMDR practitioners and PTI experts. PTI Connect is a multi-platform, established online EMDR community where group and one-on-one discussions take place.  Created for PTI-trained clinicians, Connect allows healthcare professionals to share experiences and seek advice in exclusive forums.  The Connect membership includes a Facebook forum of over 2,200 active EMDR clinicians, and a private Google Groups community of 2,000+ members.

Facebook Online EMDR Community

Access to Continued SAFE EMDR Learning and Collaboration

All PTI Connect community members are trained by PTI in the practice of S.A.F.E. EMDR.  As such, PTI Connect is a reliable, relevant, and lasting practice resource for our trained professionals.  Through Connect, our graduates have access to the online EMDR community to seek direct answers, invoke peer collaboration, and interact with their trainers.  In addition, PTI founder Deb Kennard is available to answer questions on a variety of questions and support inquiries.  And, because Deb and the PTI Trainers keep an active and engaged eye on the discussions, we offer insightful, personalized responses whenever possible.  Augmented by clinician participants from around the country, the active conversations in Connect serve to enhance the rich PTI learning experience long after training ends.

PTI Support Services

PTI is on a mission to provide the most comprehensive post-training support available.  Therefore, all PTI 6-Day EMDR Basic Training participants also have access to the PTI Training Portal for a full year starting at registration.  In the Training Portal, members can easily review training course instruction, watch demonstration videos, and access supplemental materials. They can also refresh and review training materials at any juncture.  Thus, like PTI Connect, Basic Training support services ensure trainees receive support and guidance relevant to their practice over time.  PTI also offers a comprehensive Continuing Education (CE) library for ongoing professional growth and development.