Why Select PTI for Your EMDR Therapy Training?

What Makes Us Unique? We Help Clinicians Reimagine Connection and Unleash Healing with Compassion through Our SAFE Lens.

Online EMDR Therapy Training from PTI

EMDR Therapy Training Approach from PTI


EMDR is an empirically proven and comprehensive approach to psychotherapy.  It helps individuals access and process traumatic memories and adverse life events that are affecting the present.   The Adaptive Information Processing (AIP) model guides traditional EMDR therapy in addressing memories that were overwhelming when they happened and, as a result, were not adequately processed.  Research has shown that traumatic memories are stored in the brainstem as raw pieces of sensory data.  When these unprocessed memories are activated in the present, the result is emotional and physical disturbance. The unique Somatic and Attachment Focused (S.A.F.E.) EMDR therapeutic approach from PTI is a trauma-informed model that considers how trauma affects an individuals ability to regulate the nervous system and to connect with others.  Deb Kennard, founder of PTI, created the SAFE approach to simplify attachment and regulation theory to make the EMDR process more effective.   The SAFE approach is informed by somatic therapies, mindfulness practices, attachment theory and neurobiological regulation models. It facilitates a safe and connected environment, which is critical for effective EMDR therapy.

The unique S.A.F.E. EMDR therapy method from PTI provides trauma informed training

PTI’s  SAFETM EMDR Method for EMDR Therapy Practice Augments the AIP Model Developed by Francine Shapiro

Unlock ‘The Answer’ for Transformational Healing with S.A.F.E. EMDR Therapy

Leveraging the SAFE methodology for EMDR therapy helps clinicians discover and acknowledge both their own, and the client’s, adaptive process.  PTI calls this concept “The Answer.”  This adaptive response (The Answer) develops to maximize the client’s feelings of safety and connection to their caregivers.  It was most likely adopted in response to distress.  At PTI, we help clinicians compassionately explore and understand their own adaptations, as well as their client’s “Answers.”  This  creates a trauma-informed approach to EMDR therapy that fosters healing and growth for all parties.

A Proven Pathway: Learn to Lead with Compassion, Foster Growth and Help Clients Break through Roadblocks

PTI’s expert training team embodies the SAFE Guiding Principles of Nonviolence, Mindful Awareness, Compassionate Assumption and Healthy Boundaries.  These principles create a trauma-informed way of training and case conceptualization. Using these Guiding Principles, we help clinicians acknowledge and understand the value of their clients’ adaptive behaviors, while also addressing the roadblocks these behaviors may create. Thus, by helping clinicians create a safe and compassionate space, PTI teaches you how to ensure that clients approach their challenges objectively, enabling transformative growth.

Step into an Immersive and Experiential EMDR Therapy Training Experience

EMDR training from PTI is an immersive and transformative experience for therapists. Through experiential learning, clinicians learn to appreciate their own adaptive patterns, creating an opportunity for personal growth. In turn, customized PTI training techniques help clinicians create a shared language between therapist and their client. This allows for an effective collaboration, consultation and ongoing practice. PTI’s immersive EMDR training unlocks personal growth, fosters self-awareness, and augments collaboration for effective therapy with lasting impact.

Seamless Training Progression

A wide array of EMDR therapy courses, conducted virtually and in-person, are available from PTI to support your learning journey at each professional stage.   We provide engaging and enriching delivery formats, and all of our courses are led by experienced PTI clinical staff.  Additionally, PTI’s experiential custom curriculum is rigorous and informed to create a transformative learning experience. Each PTI course meets and exceeds EMDRIA requirements for training and certification.

The Most Comprehensive Range of Accredited EMDR Training Available, Designed for Your Journey


A comprehensive path toward becoming an EMDR expert is available through PTI.  Our training is designed to equip mental health professionals with the necessary skills and levels of certification to practice EMDR therapy, train other clinicians, or become EMDRIA-approved consultants.

To maintain and augment your EMDR therapy training, PTI also offers EMDRIA, NBCC and APA-approved online and on-demand Continuing Education (CE) courses.  


Become a Part of PTI’s Vibrant EMDR-Clinician Community.

From EMDRIA approved basic training, certification and combined programs, to becoming a PTI Assistant or EMDRIA Approved Consultant, PTI has the training you need.  Moreover, we offer opportunities to become a PTI Trainer, as well as ongoing continuing education (CE) courses covering many EMDR topics. We are also proud to be an APA and NBCC-accredited continuing education sponsor.

Continuous Support

In addition, PTI offers a clear path to becoming an EMDR expert.  Further, if your ambitions include becoming a certified EMDR expert, PTI’s EMDR 6-day Basic Training is just the beginning.  After completing the Basic Training, you can become certified by EMDRIA, the EMDR professional association, through our PTI Advanced Training Program. You can also choose from a robust library of on-demand CE courses.  Our CE courses provide an EMDR lens on a variety of topics relevant to your practice, such as working with children, understanding the many layers of EMDR, and simplifying complex cases.

Unparalleled Peer and Facilitator Network

As a part of our holistic approach to training, we are on a mission to provide the most comprehensive post-training support available.  Thus, all Basic Training participants have access to the PTI Training Portal for a full year starting at registration.  In the Training Portal, members can easily review training course instruction, watch demonstration videos, and access supplemental materials.

PTI Connect Community

Equally important, Basic Training from PTI also includes access to PTI Connect, a multi-platform, established online community.  PTI Connect consists of multiple support forums for PTI-trained clinicians to connect, collaborate, and share experiences.  The Connect membership includes a private Facebook community of over 2,200 active EMDR clinician members, and a private Google Group community with over 2,000 active members.  All PTI Connect community members are trained by PTI in the practice of SAFE EMDR.  As such, PTI Connect is a reliable, relevant and lasting practice resource for our trained professionals.