What has changed in the past 2 months?  How have you adapted? 

What have you learned about yourself in this time of world crisis?   What will be better because of the global pandemic?

At Personal Transformation Institute (PTI) we have faced the challenge of adapting the delivery of our 6-day EMDR Therapy trainings.  Pre-Covid, those trainings were all delivered across the country, in-person in large groups.  In early March we quickly realized that adaptation was necessary in order to continue to deliver the SAFE EMDR Trainings.  We rose to that challenge! 

I am very excited to unveil our brand new EMDRIA Accredited, Virtual S.A.F.E. EMDR 6-Day Distance Learning Trainings! 

I am happy to say that I believe this training is as effective and transformative as the in-person delivery of the 6-day training.  I am so proud of the PTI staff and training team who have been a part of creating this amazing, healing tool in this time that healing is so needed in the world! 

The S.A.F.E., Somatic and Attachment Focused EMDR, adds in Somatic and Attachment Theory and practice to the traditional EMDR Therapy model.

We have a concept called The Answer, which is the way humans adapt to stay safe and connected to caregivers that becomes an attachment pattern, resource and also a block to processing and freedom.  

Our Answers come up when we are under stress, they are here to help.  One of my Answers is to take action.  As soon as I realized that the trainings were not going to be able to happen in-person, I contacted EMDRIA, inquiring about virtual delivery of the training.  

EMDRIA jumped into action and PTI did too!

We feel uniquely prepared for this task because for the past year PTI has been investing in developing our online learning platform. A year ago we hired Spencer, PTI Director of Business Operations, to develop our learning management system. Spencer previously worked for IBM and brings technical expertise to online delivery of learning.  

We have been creating our virtual classroom because we know the value of distance learning and we believe in the SAFE EMDR approach!  

Our Virtual SAFE EMDR training offers core EMDR training as well as all of the Somatic and Attachment, SAFE adaptations in an online classroom with over 20 hours of learning.  

Participants have the chance to learn the content at their own pace and review the content as needed in the virtual training classroom.  Each training cohort will meet for six 5-hour face-to-face meetings through Zoom.  

Those face-to-face groups will have small group consultation, review and practice.  This will be a total of 30 hours, 10 hours of consultation and 20 hours practice.  

We believe that self-paced learning combined with interactive, live sessions can be a better way to learn EMDR for many people.

Some of the benefits of self-paced learning combined with online face-to-face practice are:

    • More time to learn the concepts at your pace
    • No travel costs
    • People in remote areas can have access
    • Learning is easier when you are comfortable
    • We can offer more topics and advanced areas

To make sure you still get a great EMDR training experience we are offering:  

    • Higher ratio of faculty to student for the interactive portion of the training
    • Access for 1 year to the brand new learning management modules (exceeding EMDRIA requirements)
    • A discussion forum for each training cohort to communicate with fellow students and the training team
    • Extra advanced training material
    • Learning at your pace in the comfort and safety of your own home
    • Learning how to deliver EMDR Therapy online as well as in-person

If you have been waiting to be trained in EMDR but haven’t had time to go to a training, now is your chance.  Many of our virtual EMDR trainings are full but we have some spots available.  You can find them all here:  EMDR Therapy Trainings. 

Take care of yourself too!