S.A.F.E. EMDR: A Somatic and Attachment Focus


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The Details:

This is a 12 hour, advanced, EMDRIA approved distance learning course. Do you feel like your EMDR training was missing something? This training will teach you the missing pieces and is intended to be the next step of the S.A.F.E.: A Somatic and Attachment Focus, EMDR basic training. This workshop is for clinicians who may have attended a different EMDR basic training and would like to be updated on how to use the somatic and attachment focus, as well as for clinicians who attended the Simplifying Complex Trauma: A Somatic and Attachment Focus basic training and would like to have a refresher of the model.

This program covers “The Answer”: our concept that explores how the client’s attachment patterns show up as strengths as well as blocks to processing. We focus on how to recognize what is under and over-developed for clients and how to identify needed resources. Clinicians learn how to work with a somatic focus and how this interfaces with the attachment patterns. We also review somatic resources and how to identify what is most needed. Finally, we review the EMDR basic protocol and the most common mistakes and misperceptions.