A few reasons we’re different from other training programs.

The S.A.F.E Approach: A Somatic and Attachment Focus

Our approach to EMDR Therapy emphasizes safety first and foremost. We use a unique combination of somatic and attachment principles to create and maintain emotional and physical safety during our trainings as well as during your practice.

The Somatic Focus: Based on the idea that our physical and mental systems are interwoven, we teach our participants about resources that can manage client’s affect and connection. We practice these same resources during the training to keep participants engaged and emotionally regulated.

The Attachment Focus: Our approach takes into consideration early attachment patterns and experiences, as well as the built-in trauma responses that themselves become patterns. In most therapies these patterns and trauma responses are considered blocks to the therapeutic process. At PTI we approach these blocks as strengths as well as challenges. We reconsider blocks as overdeveloped skills so that we can safely work within the client’s patterns, rather than against them.

By making the training safe, the complex ideas simple, and the atmosphere as fun as possible, the learning experience is optimized.

Seamless Progression and Continuous Support

Our mission is to provide the most comprehensive post-training support. We offer online groups, advance trainings, webinars, and distance learning. Our programs allow you to seamlessly transition from beginner to EMDR expert: check out the process here.

Online Access to Training Videos

All participants are given access to our member’s section for a full year from the time of registration. In the member’s section you can easily review your training, watch demo’s, and access supplemental materials online.

Advanced Trainings and Instant Access Distance Learning Programs

The Basic Training is just the beginning: become certified by EMDRIA, the EMDR professional association, through our Advanced Training Program. We offer instant access Distance Learning Programs on a variety of topics, such as working with children, understanding the many layers of EMDR, and simplifying complex cases.

Group Discounts

We offer discounts to larger groups. If you would like to contact us regarding that, please fill out this form.


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