Join the PTI Team!

We are offering a program for Certified EMDR therapists to become an EMDRIA Approved Consultants by working as assistants at our trainings.

If you have completed a Basic Training and are EMDRIA Certified you are eligible to become an EMDRIA Approved Consultant. If you have completed the PTI Advanced Certification Program we provide an Approved Consultant training in exchange for assistance at two of our trainings and consultations.

1.  Apply to become an Assistant using the application at the bottom of this page
2.  Assist at 2 6-day Basic Trainings
3.  Observe 10 hours of group consultations
4.  Be observed for 10 hours of group consultations

During this training program you will receive support and in-depth feedback as you learn to teach and consult with other therapists on the EMDR therapy model.

Typically, the biggest barrier for those who wish to become Approved Consultants is finding enough therapists to consult with to meet EMRIA’s requirements. With the PTI program you will be able to complete the consultation requirement during the basic trainings you assist with.

If you demonstrate competency and commitment during this program, not only will you be recommended to EMDRIA as an Approved Consultant, you will also have the opportunity to contract with Personal Transformation Institute to be paid to provide consultation for therapists. If you completed certification with someone other than PTI, you may still be considered but there may be additional training needed.