The Many Layers of EMDR




This is a 12 hour EMDRIA approved virtual distance learning workshop.

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This 12 hour distance learning program addresses using EMDR with an attachment and body focus.   This workshop shows how developmental attachment trauma is different than the treatment of PTSD trauma.  We discuss specific ways to identify attachment patterns that are a result of the client adapting as a child in order to remain safe or stay attached.  Those patterns, which are now the client’s strength, can also impede the EMDR therapy process as they appear when the client gets close to the root of the painful experiences, as a defense.  Specific skills to enhance therapist/client attunement are taught as well how to track and contact the client’s present moment experience.  Specific mindfulness resources are taught, along with working with the body as a cognitive interweave.  We also address how to use mindfulness therapy techniques of probes and experiments to deepen the client’s experience in various phases of the EMDR process.

This training provides EMDRIA Credits. This course is eligible for professional continuing educational credits. CEU’s are optional and available for purchase through R. Cassidy Seminars.


Already purchased? Click Here to go to Training Portal

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