Combining EMDR with Play Therapy (Coming Soon)


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2 EMDRIA credits included with 2 optional professional CE’s available for additional $15

This on demand 2 hour course will dive into the interweave of Play Therapy and EMDR. Learn how to simplify the process so that you can see how nicely the two work together. We will dive into ideas about resources to help children feel safe before they start processing difficult memories. Also help therapists recognize when children are out of their Window of Tolerance and when they are finished processing a memory.


  • Review 8 phases of EMDR and how to use each with children
  • Teach how to use Play Therapy to support EMDR and support the child’s safety
  • Teach how to use Play while doing Bilateral Stimulation
  • Being able to recognize when the child is processing or has processed a memory

1 year of Course access is included in purchase! Take at your own pace.

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