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Welcome to your course!   Here is all of the information you need.  We will meet daily from 7:50 – 5:10 with an hour lunch break from 12-1.

Please use this link to attend the live meeting portion of your event(password is welcome): ZOOM LINK

(Please double check the timezone you will need to pay to make up time missed.)

  • Your groups personal message forum
  • Required consultation form prior to the 2nd weekend. No client details or trauma details.  
  • Required Evaluations:
  • Required CE form: Fill out this form (Must be filled out prior to training to get credit)
    • You will receive a custom code after your training.  Follow the instructions here after receiving
  • Required Reading:   Francine Shapiro’s book Purchase Here
  •  Basic Training Support 
    • Prior to first day please watch the first 4 videos in Demos
    • Prior to 4th day of training:
      • Processing Feeder Memory
      • “Nothing”
      • Processing Phases 3-7
    • All training handouts, manual and practice sheets can be found in this area.

IMPORTANT:  Please take the Quiz below on the last day of the training.  This is important!  You will not get credit without taking the quiz.

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