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Hello!  Welcome to your fully accredited EMDR basic training!  This virtual training portal, combined with your online practice and consultation is your EMDR training.

We offer a PDF of the training material and training manual at both our in-person and online training.  We do not recommend that you print all of them out.  You are welcome to do whatever is best for you but just know we are not asking you to print them.

Any of the trainings that BEGIN after July 1 will be required to watch the demo for each day prior to that session day.  For example, on day 1 there are 3 videos at the bottom that are demonstrations of what you will be learning that day.  Please watch those videos prior to the meeting.  You are welcome to watch any and all of the videos, it will be the most efficient way to learn the material.  You are also welcome to watch ahead any and all of the videos.  This will also be helpful in your learning.

Here is the link to purchase Francine Shapiro’s book. click here

Join our Google Group community to communicate with others who have completed the 6-day EMDR Training

Be sure to explore the Basic Training Support module for more resources and video examples as well!

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